Interested in being cast for a custom soap? We can make that happen!

               Book a casting session with us and in a few short weeks you will have an amazingly detailed soap of your very own body part! You will receive two soaps of your casting, with your choice of color and fragrance. 

              A soap casting session is only $80! You can choose to cast your lips, ear, toes, nipple, penis, vagina, or even your butthole. Want us to cast more than one body part at your session? Not a problem at all. If fact, each additional body part is only $50 when cast during a single session.

              A couples casting session is a unique way to create a fun memory together! Need a special gift for that special someone? We have got you covered! Contact us today for details and to book your session!   

How to book a casting session!

               Contact us to book your session! A $20 non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure your casting time slot.

This fee will be applied towards the total cost of your casting session.The remaining balance due can be paid before or at the time of your session.We allow you to reschedule your casting visit, but the new session must be rescheduled within a 6-week window.

A failure to keep your appointment or a failure to reschedule within the 6-week window will result in the loss of your $20 booking deposit.  Should this occur, a new session can be booked but a new $20 non-refundable booking deposit will be required.


What is Lifecasting? What should I expect at my session?

                The lifecasting process is a lot of fun and a unique experience. The first step is to contact us, so we can work out a date and time for your session and get you booked! We will collect the $20 non-refundable booking deposit at that time.  

At your casting session you, and one guest, if you would like to bring someone to share in the experience, will come out to the Bits & Bubbles shop located at our home in Molalla, Oregon. For the sake of health and hygiene we ask that you not be on your period during the session, and that you take a pre-casting shower/bath. Please don’t use any lotions, makeup, or perfumes on the area to be cast as it may interact negatively with the materials we use.

               We will explain in detail the process, discuss your pose and go over options for your comfort during the casting session. We will discuss the methods and materials used and how the materials will be applied to your body.

We require you to read, understand and sign our privacy policy/release form so we can get started. You will need to sign this form with your full legal name and provide ID so that we can verify you are over 18. We will collect the balance due for your session at this time. We accept cash, PayPal transfers or can accept most major credit/debit cards through PayPal. We encourage full and open dialogue before starting the casting session, so any questions or concerns you may have should be discussed. Please don’t be afraid to speak up, your comfort with the process is our priority.

              Once everyone is comfortable, and ready we can proceed with the fun part! Depending upon what we are casting you can disrobe fully or simply expose that area and assume the agreed upon casting pose. Be aware that if splatters or spills accidentally occur the materials we use can stain or stick to fabrics, so we ask that you dress accordingly for this reason. Although we do our best to minimize splashing it is a rather messy art form (part of the fun?!) so please don’t come dressed for a night out on the town.  

A release agent, typically petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is applied manually to your skin in the area to be cast. Gloves are worn for all skin to skin contact during the entire casting process. Some positioning of the area may be necessary, but we will make you aware and get your approval on all contact before it takes place, your comfort is our biggest concern.

               Once the release agent is applied and you are in the agreed upon pose, and as comfortable as possible we can begin! The casting process needs to be done very quickly as the materials start to cure and set as soon as they are mixed. This means that we must work fast once we truly begin. Your job will be to stay as still as possible in the pose until the materials are fully setup.

 We will mix the casting materials (non-toxic body safe alginate and water) and begin to apply it to the area being cast. It will feel like warm yogurt before it begins to setup. The alginate is manually positioned and kept in place as we fight gravity, again gloves are worn the entire time any skin to skin contact is possible. Once the alginate begins to set, it will become thick and rubbery. Plaster bandages are soaked in water and applied over the setting alginate to create a hard shell. This shell is used to maintain the shape of the alginate once it is removed from your body.

Once everything is fully cured it is carefully removed. That’s it! You can then clean off the left-over materials, get dressed and are free to go about the rest of your day! It couldn’t be simpler.

                   We then immediately apply several layers of Hydrocal (a type of plaster) to the alginate mold. This will harden and become a plaster version of the body part we just cast. Once it cures for 24 hours we can begin manually cleaning up /fixing any potential issues with the casting. Voids, bubbles, etc. It takes a few weeks to fully cure before it can be processed.

We then shape this plaster part into a suitable soap form and create a mold box into which silicone rubber is then poured. It’s this silicone rubber mold that is used to create your custom soap! The casting process only takes about an hour for each body part. From start to finish you can expect delivery of your soaps in about 3-4 weeks.  

             Hopefully this “brief” run down on the process has answered some questions you may have but please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello if you have questions or want to chat. We love working with people and explaining our process. We’d be happy to chat.